Project Description

 acquaforte e monotipo

Misure lastra mm 147 x 104, foglio mm  x

Lastra eseguita negli anni ’80. Impressione straordinaria per morbidezza di effetti di tono, stampata con singolare effetto di pulitura tale da rendere l’atmosfera della nebbia fra gli alberi e della luce al centro lontano fra gli alberi. Stampata con inchiostro color seppia su carta bianca morbida con fondino di carta cina color avorio. Firma Vittore in lastra e a penna Vittore Grubicij autografa in basso a destra nell’ampio margine bianco. Esemplare nel II/II stato con l’aggiunta della firma in lastra.

Bibliografia: Mezzetti 330, Rebora 498, Foglia 9.

Prezzo: 1500,00 euro

Vittore Grubicij de Dragon and his brother Alberto ran an eminent gallery during the last two decades of the XIX century making the best Italian divisionists painters known to the world. Art critic and painter himself, he traveled all around Europe getting in contact with important artists and galleries. After twenty years, he left the gallery and spent all his life painting and working on plates. He was particularly interested in the effects of inking and cleaning. Hence, the impressions of his plates are strikingly different from one another. Working on his numerous landscapes, he looked for a wide variety of light effects, in so revealing a close connection with the British and Dutch avant-garde artists of his period.

Excellent impression with tonal effects to obtain the effect of the fog through the trees and the clear light in the background. II/II state with the signature Vittore in the plate, lower right. Wide margins. Signature Vittore Grubicij in ink, lower right. According to Foglia the plate was worked in the 1880s.